Thursday, April 5, 2012

Will That Other David Brooks (and the real one, too) Please Go AWAY!!?

Actually, I really appreciate David, he almost always gets my juices going with all his lies and distortions-- and his self perception as a moderate Republican and humanist.  Today's column  "That Other Obama", is no different, same ol' vile inspiring stuff wrapped in an enigma of "aren't I so dignified?"

In it he attacks the President for his partisanism and "hoary brain dead cliches" attack against the Ryan budget and bemoans --Where is the Moderation?   (Hint DB-- it left with Dwight E.)

Of course it is partisan—you neo-con poop!  (“Sort of a play on words, there.”)  We do not live in a post partisan world—and we all know in his  world of false equivalencies (FE) that Obama is just as much responsible as Limbaugh.

Really “hoary, brain dead cliches” ?   Brooks says  “the Ryan budget has some disturbing weaknesses.” Cliche or in denial-- you choose-- but either way, definitely, brain dead.  It's not weak --it is a full on class warfare assault  and, at last, a rightward moved Democrat is standing up and identifying it as such, in all too mild of terms, but effectively, nonetheless.

He claims the Ryan  budget  “hides” loophole closings. No, it makes allusions to promises that it never intends to keep.  The chasm  which the President only began to illuminate is real.  It is the one that Ryan and his Randian ilk  ( read “Republicans”)  see between themselves as the makers and the rest of us as the takers, when really it is the 1% who have been on the make and take for far too long.

Flying his banner of FE under the banner of Politifact's FE of  a distortion of lie of the year--  now that is quite the image.  Just how is vochureizing and privatizing MediCare  not ending MediCare as we know it?  It is our country’s single payer system for elderly care.  It would become  less care and more profit for  the insurance-pharm industry.  The  prohibitions against  adverse selection and reduced benefits are not worth the vellum  they are printed on.  What is so amazing is not so much that he believes it, but that he expects us to.

That Ryanistas are not recognized as the lunatic fringe is only testimony to how much larger,  if no more lunatic, the Republican fringe has become.  And would the Right stop being wrong and please stop referring to that which we have paid for during our entire working lifetimes as “entitlements?”  

He calls for Obama to lay out a bigger better solution.  I got your  bigger better solution right here, David. The Peoples Budget and Single Payer Health Care—Twice the health care at half the price (REALLY!)

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