Thursday, April 21, 2011

Them Producers and Us Parasites

Perhaps it is the right's article of faith that low taxes have magical effects on the economy. But it is a faith untested by conflict. A conflict of concern for those immediately (and on-goingly) hurt. They just don’t care about those people. After all They are the Producers and “those people” (the 95-99% that constitute the “rest of us”) are the Parasites.

Why else does boy genocidist genius Paul Ryan require his staff to read Ayn Rand? It is her Objectivism that celebrates the separation of the anointed and to be pampered (and socio-pathic) Producers from the Parasites of the rabble who want to hold them back.

This is a central reality we must understand in our dealings with the right. At core they are a “Me” culture and some hide it very well even from themselves. We are, and always have been, a “We” culture. While recognizing that we may compete, it is in the crucible of a culture that provides concrete and intangible support to each and all of us.

The right, either honestly or dishonestly, will provide themselves with the talking points about caring for the people, doing what is best for the people. Really, at heart , they promote what is best for the Producers (the haves) whether or not they truly believe that will have a positive impact on the have-nots (Parasites.)

This leads to what Robert Scheer says—“It is time to admit that we are, in practice if not surface appearance, close to the Chinese communist model of state-sponsored capitalism that sacrifices the interests of ordinary workers, be they in the public or private sector, for the exorbitant profits of the superrich.” Musings on Plutocracy

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Tax Gauntlet

So, the Tax Gauntlet has been thrown. Will it be picked up ? Will it be ignored? Will it be allowed to be ignored?

Early signs are good. NewsHour dean, Jim Lehrer, almost disbelievingly asks of SecTres Geithner-- Do you really mean we are talking about raising taxes. Duh! (Though Obama calls it "reducing spending in the tax code." It will be interesting to see how that messaging catches on.)

Boy genocidist genius Ryan says that Obama can't be serious calling for tax increases.

So much for, albeit stunned, non-ignoring. It is on the agenda. In a way that it wasn't even with the December "Compromise." But it ain't got a chance in this Congress. Yes, this is Campaign 2012-- The Early Rounds.

But, finally, we no longer feel like the lonely voice in the wilderness. Raise Taxes! Especially on those that can most afford it. As 70% or more already agree. But now, it is not a poll question, it is a presidential dictum.

Perhaps it is almost, ALMOST, worth it to have the R's in charge in the House just so they had to show themselves for whom they are. They do want to "process the elderly into snack crackers" --Tom Tomorrow (
Language is a Virus) and now they are being seen for it. Will enough see enough?

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Health Care "Entitlements"

The term "entitlement" is very misleading. In the pejorative sense that it is meant to imply it is most applicable not to Social Security and MediCare-- which are insurance programs paid for by the users-- but to the "entitlement" of those who are the least needy. It is Wall Street, banks, the well-to-do who seem to act as if they are entitled to bail-outs, low tax rates and disproportionate utilization of the commons.

The real way to address healthcare "entitlement" costs and quality is through universal single payer coverage.

Proven by multiple studies and, more importantly, its utilization by much of the “developed” world it provides better outcomes for less cost ( generally at ½ to 2/3 of per capita or GDP spending.)

We have a government sponsored single payer insurance program for those 65 and older—MediCare -- by far the most efficient health insurance in the USA. It is NOT a government takeover of health care. It is far more accurate to characterize as a “takeover” the efforts by Paul Ryan and the Insurance Industry to destroy this shining example and to get their hands on trillions of taxpayer dollars. The real answer is Improved MediCare for All.

Wendell Potter, former insurance executive who has seen the light, tells us of the realization by the insurance companies that the US public was more and more embracing a MediCare for all option. He delineates the industry's clandestine efforts, which to this point have been all to successful, to undermine this trend. Pay Much Attention to the Insurers Behind Paul Ryan's Curtain Wendell Potter

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Bumper Stickers Where The Sun Shines

Frivolous but true... The following "one-liners" have occurred to my weird mind. Can not absolutely claim originality-- because who exactly knows what we may have heard when?

Libya-- Rule by One Person; USA --Rule by One Percent

Obama: Guilty of Governing While Black

They Stole Your Money, Now They Want You to Pay Them Back ?

If Obama Spoke, and Fox News Wasn't There, Would He Still Be Wrong ?