Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Tax Gauntlet

So, the Tax Gauntlet has been thrown. Will it be picked up ? Will it be ignored? Will it be allowed to be ignored?

Early signs are good. NewsHour dean, Jim Lehrer, almost disbelievingly asks of SecTres Geithner-- Do you really mean we are talking about raising taxes. Duh! (Though Obama calls it "reducing spending in the tax code." It will be interesting to see how that messaging catches on.)

Boy genocidist genius Ryan says that Obama can't be serious calling for tax increases.

So much for, albeit stunned, non-ignoring. It is on the agenda. In a way that it wasn't even with the December "Compromise." But it ain't got a chance in this Congress. Yes, this is Campaign 2012-- The Early Rounds.

But, finally, we no longer feel like the lonely voice in the wilderness. Raise Taxes! Especially on those that can most afford it. As 70% or more already agree. But now, it is not a poll question, it is a presidential dictum.

Perhaps it is almost, ALMOST, worth it to have the R's in charge in the House just so they had to show themselves for whom they are. They do want to "process the elderly into snack crackers" --Tom Tomorrow (
Language is a Virus) and now they are being seen for it. Will enough see enough?

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