Thursday, April 7, 2011

Health Care "Entitlements"

The term "entitlement" is very misleading. In the pejorative sense that it is meant to imply it is most applicable not to Social Security and MediCare-- which are insurance programs paid for by the users-- but to the "entitlement" of those who are the least needy. It is Wall Street, banks, the well-to-do who seem to act as if they are entitled to bail-outs, low tax rates and disproportionate utilization of the commons.

The real way to address healthcare "entitlement" costs and quality is through universal single payer coverage.

Proven by multiple studies and, more importantly, its utilization by much of the “developed” world it provides better outcomes for less cost ( generally at ½ to 2/3 of per capita or GDP spending.)

We have a government sponsored single payer insurance program for those 65 and older—MediCare -- by far the most efficient health insurance in the USA. It is NOT a government takeover of health care. It is far more accurate to characterize as a “takeover” the efforts by Paul Ryan and the Insurance Industry to destroy this shining example and to get their hands on trillions of taxpayer dollars. The real answer is Improved MediCare for All.

Wendell Potter, former insurance executive who has seen the light, tells us of the realization by the insurance companies that the US public was more and more embracing a MediCare for all option. He delineates the industry's clandestine efforts, which to this point have been all to successful, to undermine this trend. Pay Much Attention to the Insurers Behind Paul Ryan's Curtain Wendell Potter

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