Sunday, September 1, 2013


 I am on the ballot for the AAMFT-CA  Board of Directors-- with my main "platform plank" as  getting our organizations to be  proactive re: reimbursement and administrative issues with insurance companies, Affordable Care act, and more responsive to member concerns, etc

The ballot was e-blasted on 8/27.  And voting closes 9/20.  (If you have any difficulty with voting, please contact Gita Seshadri, Ph.D, Elections Council Chair, at

DID YOU KNOW  that  the general thrust of the corporatization of health care has, for example,  led the AAMFT to passively accept and advise those of us who are  insurance plan providers  to  “expect that the plans…will ask (us) to accept 2014 FEE RATES BELOW THOSE” we presently receive. (AAMFT Family Therap-eNews, 5/31/13)

I do NOT accept this.  It is one, very big, example of how we need to be more proactive in protecting our profession and expanding—not reducing-- its efficacy.  I believe I bring the experience in health care advocacy and organizing to help AAMFT-CA be an active, effective participant in this on-going process.
Further, as mundane as it may sound—the current AAMFT-CA  Board (it seems ) is all located in Southern California.  I am in the S. F./East Bay area--perhaps I can help bring some bioregional balance.   

Please VOTE FOR ME  and TELL YOUR AAMFT FRIENDS and COLLEAGUES  (Two vacancies but voting for only one increases chances of winning)

Happy to address any questions and to hear your comments and ideas.  Any help you can render-- of course-- greatly appreciated

THANK YOU VERY MUCH  (and my apologies if you have received multiple announcements)

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